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Live-in Carers Vacancies

Live-in Carers for Cambridge area

Client A: Middle age lady 

Brain Tumour – Independent but require prompting because can be at time confuse and forget-full

Start Date 27th September 2018

Rate: £550 per week

Frequency of Assignment to be agree 2 week off/2 weeks off or long term

Female applicant only

Client B: Elderly Dementia Lady

End stage dementia, challenging behaviour wakes sometimes at night.  Immoble and Bed bound all Transfer with hoist.

Rate: £600 per week

Frequency of assignment to be agree 2 week off/2 weeks off or long term

Female applicant only


Client C: Client with Multiple Sclorosis  Live with dogs 

This client can be a little challenging.  Her MS make her a little immobile sometimes.  So in this case a hoist is needed for transfer.  Carer would need experience in prompting as assessing condition and know when to use the hoist.  The client has four lovely little dogs.

Rate: £600 per week

Frequency of assignment to be agree 2 week off/2 weeks off or long term

Female applicant only




2 Care Assistant – Norwich 

Small care home in Norwich need Care Assistant – No previous experience full training given.  Men, Women or Couples welcome.  Training and induction session available

Accomodation Available at £50.00 per week

Hours per week 40-60

Pay Rate £8.00 to £8.50

Weekly Pay

Male/Female / couples welcome


4 Care Assistant – Stoke on Trent  

Large care home in Stoke on Trent  need Care Assistant – No previous experience full training given.  Men, Women or Couples welcome.  Training and induction session available

Accomodation Available at £50.00 per week

Hours per week 40-60

Pay Rate £8.00 to £8.50

Weekly Pay

Male/Female / couples welcome


1 Care Assistant – Isle of White,

Small care home in Isle of White need Care Assistant – No previous experience full training given.  Men, Women or Couples welcome.  Training and induction session available

Accomodation Available at £50.00- £70 per week

Hours per week 40-60

Pay Rate £8.00 to £8.50

Weekly Pay

Male/Female /


Live-in carers can help you to complete a wide range of everyday tasks to enable clients to continue living in their own home. You will be offering round-the-clock support, a live-in carer provide services that include:

Preparing meals and washing the dishes
Laundry and ironing
Running errands
Completing household chores
Administering medication or regular prompts
Support with bathing, dressing and toileting
Mobility support around the home
Support getting out and about
Companionship and emotional support
Feeding, walking and caring for a pet

As a live-in carer can make an incredible difference to a client life. While many people assume they can only support with personal care, mobility problems and administering medication, they can assist with so much more. While these physical aspects, which many people only associate with care, are very important, our live-in carers can also aid you in all other areas of your daily routine.


This is a LIVE IN position
Must be flexible to travel and work all over the UK

Shift pattern

You can chose a rota pattern to suit your lifestyle such as:

6 weeks on, 2 weeks off

4 weeks on, 2 weeks off

3 weeks on, 1 week off

2 weeks on, 2 weeks off

1 week on, 1 week off

1 weeks on, 3 weeks off

Relief team

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: £75.00 to £105.00 /day, depending on complexity of client


Application for Care Assistant in Care Home AplusRecruit.com

Application for Care Assistant in Care Home

Application for Care Assistant in Care Home

Only complete this Application if you are interested in care assistant job in care home. Experience and non experience worker required. Full training and apprenticeship jobs

Street Address
If you want to work self-employed you must register with direct gov https://www.gov.uk/log-in-file-self-assessment-tax-return and send me your UTR number (unique tax reference number) if you have not already done so

Qualification Required: Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA)

 Assessors and Trainee for Health & Social Care Apprenticeship

 If you are a qualified Assessor (D32, D33, A1 Award, TAQA, CAVA) and competent to assess in Health and Social Care level 2 and 3, 4 and 5 we have a position available.  

We wil accept trainee assess or Please asked for advice on Salary 

This role will include delivery of Apprenticeships but not functional skills. The role will require transport and the successful candidate will be covering a wide geographical areas.

As an Assessor you will:

·         Manage and Assess a caseload of learners who are currently undertaking their apprenticeships in Health and Social Care. The caseload will be no more than 50 learners.

·         Complete Start-up paperwork

·         Liaise with both learner and employer

·         Maintain own diary and work autonomously

·         Complete paperwork to a high standard and ensure accurate record-keeping

·         Be responsible for meeting deadlines and keeping to agreed timescales

·         Attend regular Standardisation meetings.

·         Be flexible with working hours

The successful applicant will have D32/33 or A1 qualification or willingness to complete the course or Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA).

Car and Full UK driving license are essential. References and enhanced CRB check will be undertaken.
The Successful applicant will be required to start asap.
We offer 30 days annual holiday (excluding public holidays).
The mileage allowance is a generous 40p per mile and wages are negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. A laptop will be provided and also a mobile phone if required.

Full time and Part time hours will be considered.


How will Megan and Harry wedding seen as change for Black recognition

How will Megan and Harry’s wedding seen as change in today society where a person of colour has so much memories of the emotional scars that their colour brings to them.

The Union of Harry and Megan in the royal family signifies change. A change in the way we recognise the importance of the beauty that colour brings to this world. We have colour in all way aspects of what makes beauty on planet earth. When you look at flowers they comes in many different colours, what about the fishes in the sea, birds all represent a mixture and when combine is natures beauty.

This is one of the greatest ways to celebrate the recognition that black is beauty and bring colour to this world.

When Obama became president and completed his presidency we all agree that there is no indifferences in intellectual abilities regardless of your colour. Obama presidency is a celebration especially with beautiful Michelle. But when we get Megan on a platform watched by the world then we get not only intellectuality but we get a show case of beauty and equality.

I for one feel very proud today to watch the wedding and to know that I live through this period.

Guillory, who is black, sees the upcoming royal wedding — and the entry of a biracial woman into the royal family — as a ray of sunshine in a dark time for people of color. “Every day there’s something else that, if you pay attention to the news as a black woman, as a person of color in America, can make you feel beaten down,” she said. “It is just nice to have something fun and full of love out there in the world that is just about a black woman being happy.” Vox


A Quote from Flare magazine 

“For some, the answer is clearly yes — seeing a woman of colour walk down the aisle in St. George’s Chapel will be momentous. But a new family member doesn’t change the nature of the institution — the monarchy is rooted in deep inequality and fuelled by wealth built on hundreds of years of bloody imperial reign, not to mention the slave trade. That’s not just part of a distant past — it’s central to understanding the monarchy today”.

Quote from the Guardian News 

“It’s brilliant. This wedding represents modern Britain,” says nursery manager Saba Abay, 30. Four months ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Brixton, which is home to Britain’s largest African-Caribbean community, in their second official engagement as a couple.




Thanks you for making contact us regarding UK Nursing Programme

It will be our pleasure to guide and support you on your journey to work in the United Kingdom.



Once you are approved for our UK nursing program, we will help you with everything you need to relocate to the UK, such as your nursing visa, screening, UK registration and passing the NMC exams.


Our program includes all the following…….

  • We engage with employers on your behalf by:
  • Organising interviews with potential employers
  • Negotiating market related salary and benefits for you with the best UK employers
  • Assisting and guidance with your nursing registration in the UK
  • Arranging accommodation including financial assistance
  • Assisting with travel arrangements (including financial assistance) and
  • Meet & Greet at the airport to welcome you on your arrival
  • Providing you with career guidance
  • Introduce you to other Overseas nurses
  • Our service is provided free of charge

As soon as you have passed your IELTS , you will then be interviewed by selected UK employers and be rewarded with a generous salary and an excellent benefit package.

In the meantime, we will encourage you to join the BASECAMP program as soon as you receive the invitation.  We will process your Basecamp invitation in the next 2 – 3 days.

On Basecamp we guide you step by step through the process with a easy to follow check list which explains every step in full detail.

NOTE: Make sure to include Aplus Recruits when you reach this part



Have a great day and we look forward to receiving your completed application link


Warmest regards,

Training and Development Opportunity 

Aplus Recruit is one of the largest supplier of care work to the care sector.  We provide trained carer to employer on contact from 12 months to permanent post.

We are currently seeking trainees who are committed to developing the many and varied skills required to deliver an exceptional level of support and care to service through the UK.

Who is the programme for? 

There is no requirement to have previous experience or to have worked as a carer before. The position of the Care Support Worker on the Development Programme is to ensure that service user’s needs are met and to assist employers in maintaining high standards of care delivery.

Successful applicants must be able to commit to the following:

• 30 hours per week for 6 months

• Attendance of FREE, 5 day, classroom training in Doncaster

• 5 days supervised placements,

• Placement on a 6 month shift rota at an hourly rate which currently starts at minimum wages.

The Facility

We mainly provide services to care home and home care not live-in care.  

In order to complete the course you can book a place at our small group house, It is a mixed shared facilities boys and girls.  Spaces are limited we can only accommodate 15 each week.  one your course is finish you will then be allocated to an employer.  We cannot guarantee you a job near to your home town.  In this job you will be asked to work in other geographical town for 6-12 months.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: What course will I be studying

A: You will be registered on the Care Certificate and NVQ 2/3 depending on your level.  

Q: What do I have to pay for,

A: the course is free of charge, you will have to pay a fee for your certificate: 

Care Certificate is £45.00 

NVQ 2/3 £150

Q: do I need the certificate to start my job?

A: You do not need the certificate to start the job, As long as we are the one placing you to work with the employer we will supply your employer your certificate.  Until you are able to pay for it.  

Q: Do I get paid while on the training

A: No, We are an agency not an employer, the first 5 days when you are on the course is unpaid.

Q What do I need to begin my training

A: We will ask you to complete and application, you need references and a DBS ( you are required to pay for your DBS £70.00

Q: How can I begin the course

A: You must book your placement calling or emailing the office the telephone number are 

Office 01302 247 766


How to Recruit Free Health Care Workers 

A hard Brexit will have significant impact on the social care sector.  Which has already had significant pressure from the lack of quality staffing and high staff retention, evenwith mobility of labour for current European countries.

It is a widespread fear that the social care sector will be one of the sector hit hardest from Brexit in particular, care of the elderly, home care and the NHS.

The government has embarked on a list of plans to help bridge the gap in health and social care recruitment.

  • More use of Apprenticeship programmes
  • More support for organisation with recruitment campaign
  • Free training and more funding for NVQ qualification.


It is not supprising to know that Aplus Recruit now has funding to provide you Recruit Free Health Care Workers 

 YES!!!! You heard correct.  COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE



  • Self-Service Pre-Screened candidate CVs and profile forwarded to you INCLUDING CONTACT DETAILS
  • Free advertisement of your Jobs on www.aplusrecruit.com website including your company name and logo so candidate can contact you directly.
  • Access to our CV bank. To view candidate’s profiles



  • Arranging interview for you. If our consultant arranges interview for you this will be at a charge.
  • Supplying you with contractor or temporary staff that Aplus pays their wages
  • Shortlisting candidates, recruiter pre-screening and referencing and booking interview.
  • Confidential job advert on the website




If same as company only enter the company address
if you have submitted this job to us, please only complete the title section and the amount of staff needed and we will complete the rest.
If there is no closing date please leave this section blank
Please state whether is per hour/week/ month/ year
Drop a file here or click to uploadChoose File
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Drop a file here or click to uploadChoose File
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

Health and Social Care Apprenticeship

There is no better time to embrace Health and Social Care Apprenticeship than now because the current administration might decrease government  spending and if this happens, more people will be added to the unemployment data. So if you’re unemployed or you are not satisfied with your current income and work responsibility, you need to start thinking outside the box.

From statistics, it’s harder for newly inexperienced workers to break even in a highly competitive workforce market environment because the older ones are proven and more experienced so you need to start considering other options.

To raise more funds that will sustain the Government spending on security, the effect of Brexit, the need to maintain the health care reform of the incoming Government and the UK interest in international relations. It is expected that the incoming government will increase the tax on both individual and businesses.

If taxation is increased to 50%, most people are of the belief that it will be better to stay at home than going to work at all. But that wouldn’t be the solution to the impending economic problems. Putting some other factors into consideration, we have come up with the recommendation that people should start considering Health and Social Care Apprenticeships opportunities

The Health and Social Care Apprenticeships market in the UK

Data from a report by the Resolution Foundation think-tank stipulates that one in seven Britons will be 75 years by 2040. Same report also shows that the average age in the UK has exceeded 40 years which indicates an interesting fact that the life expectancy of the average Briton has increase.

This of course poses a great challenge to the UK economy as well as provides variable opportunities to those who can think out of the box

The increase in the aging population of the UK ignites the demand for more people to into Health and Social Care Apprenticeships so we could get qualified workforce that will bridge the gap between effective care giving service delivery and customer satisfaction

Population growth in the UK

The death rate has drastically reduced because of advanced medical technology that is available. This has spiked the entire population of people in the UK between 1975 and 2016. The population that is 65 years and older has increased from 14.1% to 17.8% and it is expected to increase by the year 2045. In relation to the increase of the elderly in the United Kingdom, the need for Health, and Social Care Apprenticeships cannot be overemphasized. In line with this trend and equipped with extensive research, we have initiated a unique strategy geared towards getting more people to embrace this career part

There is need for the following home care problems to be addressed if more people can choose the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship program

Inefficient Continuum Care

While it is a fact that a reasonable percentage of people 65 and older need efficient long-term care, unfortunately above 80% of the elderly live on their own and can only have access to intermittent and inadequate care. It is paramount that an affordable and continuous care is readily accessible and affordable with new solutions to guide them through best practices in preserving their health and ensuring that the younger generation is focused on being productive in the workplace. This challenge has lingered because people tend to neglect the home care industry without knowing that it has the potentials of providing full payment opportunities

Preventable Medication Errors and Domestic Accidents:

Improper care coordination is the cause for medication errors among the elderly and the occurrence of falls (domestic accidents) among adults over 65 years which has increased tremendously. These events can be prevented by professionals who understand the clinical changes among the elderly; blood pressure, purse, and weight, negative medication adherence, and organ malfunctions; chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling. With proven and adequate training in the Health and Social Care Apprenticeships, these challenges can be resolved and the service providers will have job satisfaction

Minimized Tech Barriers:

With adequate manpower in the health sector of our economy, the deployment and installation of advanced technology for patients in need of round-the-clock care can be available: this may include the following:

  • Installation of Personal Response Systems and
  • Installation of Telehealth systems

Advantages of the health and Social Care Apprenticeship Program

One unique advantage of becoming a social care apprentice is that you will be earning some amount of money as you undergo your training. In addition to this, you have the assurance of getting a secured employment upon completion of the program.

Another advantage is the sustainability of this career part because the population of the elderly in the United States is increasing by the day as justified by various research groups

The social care apprenticeship program is well structured that you will get all information needed to seamlessly take care of the elderly as you will be provided with the opportunity of working alongside a professional caregiver

This is the time to think outside the box because it’s been proven that in tough times, fortunes can be made by satisfying the need of the people. Social care workers are limited, and the opportunities in the industry are enormous.

For people who have a steady job, the social care apprenticeship program provides you the opportunity of learning and building a part-time business on the side which is also lucrative. These expenses that are cutting into your income like home upkeep, travel expenses, etc. can be taking care of by this second income stream


How to start your career in Health and Social Care

The first step in achieving success in the health and social care sector is to make the decision on the type of clients you will want to work with because the social care sector is very vast. It includes and not limited to taking care of:

  • The elderly
  • The disabled (includes learning disabilities)
  • Specialized care (including people with mental disorders, dementia or stroke)
  • Young adults and children

To propel your career in the Health and Social care, you should be enrolled in the following courses

The Intermediate Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care

After participating in this course, you will obtain Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care, a certificate in preparing to work in Adult Social Care. You should also have at least a Level 1 English and Mathematics Functional Skill or the GCSE

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care

You will have the opportunity to obtain a Level 3 Diploma which involves training the participant to provide support, carry out clinical care as well as give care to in hospitals and communities. There are different units and aspects of the course which depends on the health institution offering it.

The British Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management

Depending on the provider, you may be giving options of specialization which involves, the elderly, adults and children. This diploma is designed for people with reasonable experience in the social care sector because they wouldn’t need direct supervision. The Level 5 is designed for you to work and with a degree of responsibility and independence

For most providers, you need to have experience working as a team leader, home care organizer, senior care worker or a community support worker

The opportunities in the Health and Social care industry are much, and the workforce is limited, hence the need for people to choose this career path. With consistency in the industry, you have the opportunity of taking management positions or teaching roles. The choice is yours.

For more information about the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship program and how you can take your career to the next level, why not give us a call.





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