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The Need For A Live In Carer

Choosing a good live-in carer who will spend time with someone that is elderly or ill is imperative because they may determine the general wellbeing of the individual. Most times, Live-in carers work unsupervised so it is paramount that you select somebody of high repute who can understand the particular need of the older adult.

One of the unique attributes a live-in carer must possess is the ability to be patient and enduring. Apart from this, there are other qualities which a live-in carer should have, and it’s difficult to find the right person.

There are so many advantages of hiring a live-in carer to look after the needs of the elderly or person with disabilities which includes:

Advanced Care

Having live in carer will enable the aged enjoy a higher standard of care as the risk of fall and injury will be drastically reduced and the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing will be improved. If the client is suffering from degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s, it can be controlled with the help of the live-in carer.  Furthermore, anxiety and the sense of isolation and vulnerability will be reduced in the older person because the client will have the opportunity to always interact with an individual who is always available to take care of his needs

Retain Control and Independence

Having a live-in personal care will help the aged person retain his independence because they function as housekeepers as well as companions. Trained live in carers knows what to do in any situation to meet the personal need and aspirations of an elderly person or a disable

Preservation of Self-Esteem

At old age, some individuals fail to coordinate their activities because of loss of memory or other health issues which may manifest, therefore, in such cases, it is advisable to keep the individual at home or in the surrounding he is so familiar with. This will make him not to lose his self-esteem and respect in the society. Live in carer functions as also function as a personal assistant for domestic and external affairs as the elder will not have to move from one location to the other, rather, he will stay in his beloved home to receive all needed assistance


Allowing the aged to stay in care homes or schemes will restrict him from enjoying some certain privileges because he needs to adhere to the rules and regulations of the care home. With a live-in carer or personal assistant, he can enjoy that freedom of maintaining his lifestyle while he stays conveniently at home. The person can keep a pet, eat whenever he wants to, wake up at any time, play and relax and be with any friend or family member.

An adequate amount of time is needed to provide proper care and support to the elderly, and this cannot be achieved when the caregiver pays visits. Residential schemes cannot meet the demand of most elderly people because they have limited caregivers who are burdened with a high workload.

The big question is how to find a live-in carer that will provide the needed services and as well be affordable.

It is important to consult a care giving company or a staffing agency who must have done the background work of screening and training live in carers. A reputable company will help you hire a live-in carer who is experienced with clean records and is licensed to work in your state. They will also recommend a live-in carer that will be familiar with the existing routines and needs of the client

With the right live in carer or personal assistant as the case may be, the preferences of the elderly person will be taken care of in a tailored and consistent way that will enable their friends and relatives to have peace of mind. Having a good and dedicated live-in carer who understands the job and performance expectations and is comfortable with the proposed arrangement can positively improve the lives of those who they are entrusted to care for, and you need to be extremely careful before making your choice.

You need to consult A plus Recruit  to access the best live-in carer, housekeepers, and nannies. We go the extra mile to interview, train and educate live in carers about their job responsibilities to fit into the expectations of the clients. We also help in all the legal documentations associated with hiring a live-in carer. Call us today for that exceptional care giving service


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