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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test based on English Language Proficiency. It is the world’s most popular English language test with over 2 million test taken per year. The test is done to assess the language ability of non- native speakers of English who intends to study or work where the language of communication is English.

It is accepted by over 9000 organizations worldwide including schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. The test format is comprised of four papers listening, reading, writing and speaking. Based on the specific reason for doing the IELTS you need to choose from two different modules: Academic and General Training.

Please click the link to find out which module is best for you



With over 1100 test location worldwide and up to 48 test dates per year you are bound to find one near you. Please click the link below to find the nearest centre to you.

Find the nearest location where you can take the test.

Step 2

You can download the and fill out the application form and take it to the test centre with the specified fee or if you wish you can do it online.

Download the application form here.

Step 3

Once your application has been process the centre will send you a written confirmation with the date and time of your test.

For more information, you can click here to download a booklet.



Preparing for The Test.

While preparing for the test you must make sure you study the format to ensure you know what to expect. It is recommended to read through the IELTS rules and regulations which are included in the application form in the Notice to Candidates and Declaration section.  Look at the content carefully of each part of the test: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Now, you need to do all the practice you can get, try to use English everyday by listening to English radio stations, television and films. Read newspapers magazines and try to listen to different variety of English accent including British, Australian, American, Canadian etc. also get your family and friends to assist with the preparation process.

Please click the following link to get the recommended booklist for IELTS.


This section lasts for 30 minutes and consists of four sections comprising of ten questions each. This section is the same for both modules. Please click the following link to get more in-depth details on the listening section of the test.


Please click the following links with videos depicting practice tests and answers that will be of great help towards preparing for the listening test.

Listening practice test with answers.



This section is different for the Academic and General Training module of the test but it is basically the same layout the only difference is how the questions are structured. It consists of three sometimes four reading passages of increasing difficulty, you are given 40 questions to do in a 60-minute period. You can write on the question sheet but you must transfer the answers to the answer sheet and no extra time is given to do so you must work with the timing as best as possible.

The following links include videos and past paper sample questions with answer that I know will give you a lot of practice.

Reading strategies



This section for the two modules are quite different but they both last for 60 minutes with 2 tasks to complete. Task 1 of the academic paper you will be given some visual information in which you should describe in your own words which can either be graphs, tables, charts or diagrams. While for the General Training you should respond to a situation by writing a letter. Both you will need to write a least 150 words in 20 minutes.

Task 2 is quite similar where you will need to write an essay based on the topic given, you should write a least 250 words in the remaining 40 minutes.


This section is normally done on a separate date from all the three sections which is either done seven days before or seven days after. This is a face to face interview between the candidate and the examiner which makes it more fair because you have no computer problems or interruptions. This is recorded and normally lasts from 11-14 minutes and has 3 parts that assesses your fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy and pronunciation. The following links will give you some tips when speaking.

Arrival of Test

After all the preparation, it is now time for the test. All the hard work is about to pay off. Get plenty of rest the night before so you feel more relaxed, plan you your journey ahead of time, know where to find the centre so that you can arrive on time. Bring with you your passport/national identity card and ensure it is the same identification that you provided on the application form or you will not be allowed to sit the test. Also, bring stationaries: pens, pencils and erasers whatever you will need for the test.

Have fun and remember you got this.

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Registered Nurse Jobs Sponsorship 2 Tier Visa

Registered Nurse Sponsorship Visa Jobs in UK

We’re looking for a highly motivated Registered Nurse to to work Across the UK, Salary rates between £22,080 – £37,440 per annum (up to £18.50 ph) – Excellent Relocation Package. Due to national shortage in the uk our employer is offering Registered Nurse Jobs Sponsorship Visa UK 2 Tier ( Formally known as Work Permit).

Sponsorship visa UK

Sponsorship visa UK

Our Client are UK nursing home and hospital employers providing a high standard of care including long term nursing, residential dementia care, convalescence, palliative care and respite.


The Offer and Benefits

A competitive salary (£22,000-37,440)

Assistant with fly ticket and accommodation and relocation loan to facilitate you in the first period of your employment.

– We cover the cost of your DBS Check (£44)

– Uniform provided

– Stakeholder pension and life assurance scheme available

– 28 days annual leave, including bank holidays

– Comprehensive induction and on-going training and development


What you’ll need

– A demonstrable passion for caring for the elderly and infirm and a flair for helping people maintain their independence and choice in homely surroundings

– A proven ability to lead, motivate and mentor a team, delegate effectively and promote excellent customer relationships

– A willingness to coach, guide and support your team on a daily basis, including providing formal and informal programs of teaching to colleagues and other care professionals

– A genuine commitment to adhering to the NMC Codes of Conduct and expanding your professional development

This Jobs is for registered nurses locally trained or internationally trained Registered Nurse Sponsorship visa 2 Tier.

Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship Visa (formerly a Work Permit)

Applications from Job Seekers who require Tier 2 Nurse sponsorship Visa will be considered and sponsorship offered to successful candidates where UKBA regulations are met. For further information on sponsorship please visit

UK Registration

Applicants must have current UK professional registration. For further information please see the NMC website.

Useful Links

Apply for this job

How to pass the NMC CBT Online Test Useful information

Registering with NMC Link


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Temporary Nurse Jobs

Registered Nurse –  Permanent or  Temporary Nurse Jobs – Agency Nurse or Working Directly with Nursing Employers

You can choose to work on a permanent nurse or do temporary nurse jobs.

The main difference with this type of jobs is that as a permanent nurse you are usually assigned to one nursing and care facilities and in temporary nurse jobs you may be required to float between 2 or 3 services. Aplus Recruit is one of the UK  recruitment agencies for temporary nurse jobs in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. See Aplus Recruit Vacancies.



The National Health Service is one of the UK largest recruiter for nurses: RGN’s and RMN’s and they can provide real benefits to employees. This usually includes job security, pension, free uniform and professional developments such as training and career progression. An excellent choice I would say, but obtaining a job in the NHS can be quite tricky because they have very high standards. You may need UK experience if you are not trained in the UK, plus a good level of spoken and written English. If you want to apply for a job directly with the NHS then please visit their website NHS jobs, here you can search for vacancies and apply on-line. You can also find several permanent nurse jobs in the UK

Universal Jobmatch website which is a government website where most UK employer advertise their job here you can find both permanent and temporary nurse jobs.  This is a free site which is closely monitored by the UK Department of Work and Pension and its called Universal Jobmatch.

However, the NHS is not the only employer for nurses in the UK. Nursing Homes and Private Hospitals make a great choice as well and can offer real job security and permanent positions. The reason why offers from some nursing homes providers are not as glorious as the one of the NHS is because some the providers are small and cannot offer the same package.

You can usually expect to receive a permanent job offer with a salary ranging from £21,000 to £33,000 per annul depending on the employer, position and your experience. Some employers will not offer you a pension or any other benefits apart from your agency. This is not different to working as an agency staff on contract. However, with many of these small care providers when you join them, you will become a member of their ‘family’. It is small and so there is no bureaucracy, you get to know the owner and if there is a problem sometimes it can be easily fixed.

The only one problem I could see with this situation, is that  when staff is recruited, the law usually gives the employer 3 months in which you can be on probation (this is usually called a trial period) if you are not suitable for the home during this period (or after or even during) you may be asked to leave and your contract will be terminated.

See Aplus Recruit Vacancies


If you have relocated from another country you may find this difficult, as you will be given very little alternatives. Sometimes, it is not even the owner’s fault, there may be issues with safe guarding of residents. However, from my experience they are many types of services, one service may be difficult for you, too fast moving, too heavy with nursing tasks, or it may be  a mental unit where you have no or little experience. If you have been placed by an agency, then your agency will support you at all times, this would include looking at your skills and offering you a position that is the best for you.


If the job placement is incorrect for you and you feel you cannot manage the work load then you will have to discuss this with your agency and they can reallocate you for the better suited position.


See Aplus Recruit Vacancies



Temporary nurse job placements can be for any duration of time, i.e. 1 day, 1 week, 3 months, 1 year etc. Some jobs come with guarantees, some without,  you should always talk to your agency to know the exact specification of your placements.


Guarantees would include the minimum hours to work per week, rate of pay and any other benefits offered. You can also ask for a contract from your agency for guarantee you a  placement. Speak to an Aplus Recruit Consultant on +1441302247766. See Aplus Recruit Vacancies




Temporary nurse job in the UK is much different from anywhere else in Europe because we have a great deal of shortage in our hospitals and nursing homes. There are some real advantages of working on temporary basis. Listed below are 5 advantages of  temporary nurse jobs in the UK:

1) Obtain flexibility in your job – when working permanent job you may not be able to gain flexibility especially if you have small children, live aboard or just don’t want to work all year round. Temporary nursing jobs allow you to choose the days and times you want to work and for how long with no requirement to resign every time you want time off work or need to re-register when you want to start working again. Once working with your agency they will maintain your registration at all time.

2) Offer a better pay rate than some permanent work – temporary nurse jobs often offers you a better pay rate, and if you are not getting any significant benefits like pension or self-development for your permanent employer. Why commit to them?

3) Agency and temporary workers gets the same benefits as a permanent worker- according to the UK law Agency Worker Regulation it provides you with most of the same benefit as working with an employer on permanent basis.


4) You can also work Self Employed – if you are working on temporary basis or on contract you may choose to work self-employed. This is where you have your own personalized company, pay your own taxes and are responsible for your own work and can claim for your expenses.


5) Temporary worker can also work as an employees and gain benefits – temporary workers working as an employees for their agency will gain the same benefits as permanent employers as you can benefit from having holiday pay, personal training and development, professional indemnity insurance and many other benefits.


Register with APlus Recruit today for temporary and permanent posts as nurse or health care worker. We are willing to work with Self-Employed workers and those not wanting to be Self-employed.


Please visit our website .


Other use full websites

DWP provide use full information on your rights as an employee –

Working Self-employed UK Tax System- HMRC –

Nursing Agency for Nursing Home Jobs –

NHS Career –



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After being asked a series of questions by nurses who have been applying, failing and retaking the NMC CBT online test.  I want to put together a fact sheet with useful information that I have found on the web which are very useful.
Getting yourself organize to complete such an intense test is a real challenge, make no mistake it is not a matter to be taken lightly.  Nursing in the UK has very high standard and the NMC want to know that you understand this and that you are working at the highest possible nursing practice.  It is a profession where we are caring for the sick and people at most vulnerable stages in their lives.  View Jobs with sponsorships from

How Do We Get Started on your NMC CBT online test
The test itself is not an easy one,   it is like any other test that you have taken in the passed A-levels, degrees etc.  You have to study for it, and you have to study hard.

Visit the Pearsons Vue WEBSITE : CLICK HERE , Where you can register for your CBT


For those of you who are sitting it I would advise reading all of the NMC codes, competencies and published guidance. The topics that these are available in include medication management, consent, confidentiality ethics etc. It may also be useful to read a short current text on UK health law and ethics and some case study books which were good to refresh anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and treatment.  (All Nurses)

You Must Study the NMC code of conduct for RNS

It is a recommendation that you download the NMC blue print.  The type of blue print you download depend largely on the area of nursing exam you want to apply for.  The list includes

Ø  Adult (general)
Ø  Children nursing
Ø  Learning Disabilities Nursing
Ø Mental Health Nursing

Click this link below to download the NHS Blue Print 

Preparing for the Adult Nursing NMC CBT online test.  In order to prepare for the adult nursing Computer based test by the NMC  you need to download 4 domains.  I have provided you with a link to these domains below.

Domain 1: Professional Values  

The nurses play an important role in which the must act in the best interest to care for and safeguard the public. They must show professionalism and integrity and work within recognized professional, ethical and legal frameworks.

Here are a  few videos that I have watched and found quite interesting and provides an insight as to the information needed for this domain. Please click the link below:

Legal and ethical issues of nursing Video 1

Legal and ethical in Nursing Video 2

Domain 2: Communication and Interpersonal Skills
All nurses must have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to be effective. Communication is the driving force for a successful relationship with their patients. One important aspect to remember is confidentiality and all the persons surrounding the patient is who you are communicating with. Nurses must be sincere, kind, and demonstrate courtesy.
The following article has been read by me and it expounds more on the communication domain. Please click the link below:
Communication in Nursing Article

Domain 3: Nursing Practice and Decision Making 

Nurses must be able to practice independently, compassionately, skilfully and safely, they must maintain some dignity while promoting health and wellbeing. The must be able to assess all the persons they come into contact with in spite of their age both physically and mentally. They must be able to provide the necessary care to patients before they are actually referred to a specialist. All decision making ideas must be shared with the necessary parties involved, these decisions should be generated from the best and up to date sources available.

Please click the link to get a more in-depth look of the decision making process under this domain.
Decision Making in Nursing
Domain 4: Leadership, Management and Team Working.
You must be able to respond freely and confidently to both planned and uncertain situations while managing themselves and others effectively. They must try to elevate themselves personally and professionally by learning from experience, through supervision, feedback reflection and elevation.

Please click the following link to book with some interesting facts that will help in this domain.

Leadership, Management and Team Working in Nursing



The information outline in this article is really good as the person break down in simple terms all the different section of the NMC blue print.  I found it very useful to understand the competencies required in order to pass the test.  It provides a lot of sample tests which gives step by step explanations, it is safe to say practice makes perfect.
Two great reference to use are the book The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures it includes all the UK standards and policies as it relates to clinical procedures.The NMC CBT Manual Blueprint is another book which contains important data in the blueprint all manually encoded for your convenience. The final page list topics you definitely should focus on.
The links to these books can be found on the nurse’s arena forum which also includes sample questions. Please click the following link:
Nurses Arena Forum

It is always best to remain calm and relax, it is also good to keep in mind that it is not possible to remember everything. Once you are prepared and get yourself familiarized with the UK practice everything will just fall into place.

Hope I was of much help to you and best of luck to you on the test.

For more information please click this link to contact me or you can join our network on facebook UK Nurses Jobs Group